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What's It?



What's it? - February 2018


Not Just an Oil Lamp



This oil lamp has a base that allows it to sit in a candlestick.








What's it? - November 2018


A Cherry Pitter



This would be mounted to the side of a table and hand comprehension would remove the pit from the cherry.




What's it? - August 2018 

No, it's not a depiction of Texas!


It is a sharpening stone, for cleaning and sharpening dinner knives



What's it? - May 2018 

Gas Machine


Manufactured by Gilbert and Barker Mfg. Co., in Springfield, Mass., the Springfield Gas Machine, patented in 1869, converted liquid naptha into naptha gas for illumination purposes by putting the liquid under pressure until it changed into a gas.  It was then piped to the light fixtures in the house.